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Iskaži poštovanje i poštovanje će ti biti uzvraćeno - Show respect and respect will come back to you


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  1. Ukoliko želite da otvorite novu temu za određenog glumca potrebno je uraditi sledeće: Proverite spisak biografija glumaca, ukoliko tema već postoji zabranjeno je otvaranje iste teme. Kliknete na dugme SELECT ALL ispod da obeležite ceo kod šablona, kopirate ga, a onda nalepite u vašu novu temu. Zamenite postojeću sliku, biografiju, filmografiju, link za IMDb sa onim za vašeg glumca. Napomena Teme koje ne budu pisane po šablonu biće obrisane. Duple teme za postojeće glumce takođe će biti obrisane. Slike kačiti na imgur sajt. Kod šablona [center][size=200][b][color=#FFFF00]Ime glumca/glumice[/color][/b][/size] [img=https://www.clarion-gaming.com/files/images/forum/linija_bela.png] [img=Slika] [img=https://www.clarion-gaming.com/files/images/forum/linija_bela.png] [size=150][color=#FFFF00][b]Kratka biografija[/b][/color][/size] [img=https://www.clarion-gaming.com/files/images/forum/linija_bela.png] [i]Kratka biografija[/i] [img=https://www.clarion-gaming.com/files/images/forum/linija_bela.png] [size=150][color=#FFFF00][b]Filmografija[/b][/color][/size] [img=https://www.clarion-gaming.com/files/images/forum/linija_bela.png] [b]Poznatiji filmovi:[/b] [i]Film (godina)[/i] [b]Poznatije serije:[/b] [i]Serija (godina)[/i] [img=https://www.clarion-gaming.com/files/images/forum/linija_bela.png] [b][size=150][color=#FFFF00]Više o glumcu[/color][/size][/b] [img=https://www.clarion-gaming.com/files/images/forum/linija_bela.png] [url=Direktan imdb link][img=https://www.clarion-gaming.com/files/images/forum/imdb_link.png][/url][/center]
  2. • Da bi olakšali traženje određene biografije u ovoj temi će biti lista svih biografija ovog pdf-a. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
  3. To request an unban from the server, fill the formular correctly: 1. Your nick: 2. Your Steam ID: 3. Screenshot link, tutorial 4. Date and time of ban: Notice: Unban request must not be older than 24 hours. Incorrectly written forms will be removed! CLARION PUBLIC™
  4. 1. The use of ANY type of cheating. * Players who are caught with a cheat will be permanently banned without warning. Cheaters are on black list of players on the server and each of their reappearance on the server will result with the ban. You can't use TS3 on public servers, as well as playing the game room and looking at someone else's monitor. Play fair! 2. The use of all illegal bugs and adjusting FOR OBTAINING edge in the game such as: 1) Climbing on textures 2) Using a 16BIT 3) Use of scrolling 4) Use a long-BUYTIME (stay on spawn in buying a large number of HE, Flash or smoke bombs). 5) Use of BUG-s to go to a different place on the map (nuke, clan1_mil etc. walls for example). 6) Using BUG FLASH (if the player after penalties continue to repeat the same mistake, he will lose his slot and will be permanently banned). 3. The use of a nickname that represents ethnic, religious or political affiliation or Fan INTOLERANCE * Clarion servers and community, are open to all people who love online gaming and socializing. Any abusive nick or expressing political affiliation, race, religion or ethnic hatred, and Fan nicks that can lead to a general discussion and arguments on this server are strictly prohibited. There are all nicknames related to wars and developments in the region, whether they are related to specific individuals or military units. If a player after the penalty continues to repeat the same mistake he will lose his slot and will be permanently banned. 4. The use of vulgar and vicious NICKNAMES * Please note that Clarion server visited by large number of younger children. Vulgar, sexual and wicked (the drug) nicknames will not be allowed. 5. PROHIBITED camping and bypassing CAMP AREA. * Camp zone is warning for players and serve in the event that the admin does not see that someone is in the prohibited area or that admin is not online on the server. Camp areas does not mean that you can stay there for long time (camp area is counting seconds). Clarion public servers are primarily intended for fun and socializing, public servers are not clanwar server so do not play like that. No rank-and neither are awarded prizes for the best score. Do not think that if you are a CT you have rights to camp on sites justifying keeping it because the penalties for CT camped out are same as for T. If a player after warnings continue to repeat the same offense threatened him kick / quit and will lose his slot. 6. RETRY / RECONNECT COMMAND Using retry command after the death of the beginning of the round for respawns will be punished Kick. If a player after the penalty continues to repeat the same mistake he will lose his slot or be banned for some time. 7. The public INDICTMENT any player on the server for using of CHEAT. * If you have a complaint to any of the players, don't write it on public say and don't try to solve the problem by your own. Contact the admin on admin_chat ([email protected]) and admin will check the concerned players and react according to the rules. If a player after the penalty continues to repeat the same mistake he will lose his slot or be banned for some time. It is also forbidden to publicly insulting other players on the server, any insults against other players is strictly forbidden and will be penalized 8. IT IS PROHIBITED to ask admin for map changing or complaints on the current map * Maps are provided by voting or by previously defined mapcycle-in. Every complaint on maps or mapcycle, you can say public in this topic http://www.clarion-cs.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=618&t=47041. Complaints on the map, or requesting to change current map on the server will not be tolerated. 9. PROHIBITED PERSISTENTLY go into a stronger team for better score * In the event that the admin notices that a particular player or players often switch teams for a better score. And this disturbs team balans. Admin is allowed to punish that violations. If a player consistently continue to do the same and after a warning or a lesser punishment (WARN, slay, kick ...) you can get ban for disrespecting rules on server. 10. The use of another's SLOT-s * Use another slot, if slot is not for team usage but for one person will be punished with time ban and confiscation of slots without the possibility of obtaining the same again. Slot will be also removed every player who was caught with using the cheat as well as players who have three or more times banned on the server for violations of any of the above rules. 11. Advertising is strictly prohibited * Advertising other server names or IP addresses is strictly prohibited! Such violations are punished with ban without warning and removing slot. 12. Asking for MIX or CW match is prohibited on server. * For this, go to TS, IRC, steam, forums. 13. Discussion with the admin and requesting unban on THE SERVER is prohibited * Any kind of discussion with the server admin is prohibited. If you have a complaint to admin, you can say that only on forum topic: http://www.clarion-cs.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=618&t=47037 14. Complaints to the work and set up of server is prohibited. * Admin team on Clarion servers tries to adjust servers to operate as better as possible and give you chance to play without any problems and spent a pleasant time on the same. Admin team is palcen for your business that is exercised on the server, they do volunteer willingly and are there to help and you always come out to meet them. Keep this in mind if you dislike something on the server that everything can be resolved in the normal way, not discussion and debate on the server, but only on the forum. Please follow the people who are trying to maintain the same by which subordinates all his free time to the task without personal and financial gain. If Clarion servers do not respond, you can always look for another server instead of what you are going to spit on Clarion servers and insult the people who labor in them. 15. IS PROHIBITED conv / write in a language other SERBIAN (ex.yu Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Slovenian) and English * So the only allowed language ex.yu languages ​​and English. Any use of a other languages, incomprehensible to the admin and other players will be punished, because it can contain the word offensive in character. * Note that each repetition of the above-mentioned offenses can result in a permanent ban on the server and forums as well as loss of privileges and the slot. Compliance with all of the above rules is required! The rules are not open to debate and discussion. In the case of changing the rules or adding new ones, it will be posted to this thread. Respectfully, CLARION - Public Team
  5. Vlasnici Najviši rank na zajednici. Njih možete kontaktirati ukoliko imate primedbu na nekog od administratora ili ukoliko želite da svoj server priključite našoj zajednici. ◾️kgb.rade - Privatna Poruka ◾️Vladimir Putin - Privatna Poruka ◾️bukki masina - Privatna poruka Administratori Veoma bitan rank i njima se možete obratiti u vezi Teamspeak 3 servera, Head admin i moderator tima, ukoliko želite da promenite e-mail, username ili password ili ukoliko ste primetili neku grešku na forumu. ◾️ Reljaaa - Privatna poruka ◾️ Foxa - Privatna poruka ◾️ Baki - Privatna poruka ◾️ pitomi oblak - Privatna poruka Koordinatori Koordinatori su zaduženi za medjuljudske odnose te praćenje rada servera, njima se možete obratiti ukoliko ste zainteresovani da se pridružite zajednici. Head Forum Moderatori Head Forum Moderatori su zaduženi za vođenje foruma, organizovanje sekcija i vođenje moderator tima. Ako želite da otvarate neke nove teme ili želite da se konkurišete za moderatora možete se obratiti njima. ◾️ ULTRA LJOOBISHA - Privatna poruka Head Admini & Help Head Admini Grupe najodgovornijih ljudi na serveru s tim što Head admini imaju više iskustva i imaju veći pristup serveru. Njima se možete obratiti u vezi admin tima, servera, ili dobijanja slota ili admina na serveru za koji je taj Head Admin/Help Head Admin zadužen. Admin Lideri Admini na serverima koji se nalaze između Head Admin tima i običnih admina, povezuju ih i prave bolju komunikaciju među njima. Njima se možete obratiti ukoliko imate žalbu na nekog admina ili pitanja vezana za server. Global Moderatori Osobe koje održavaju red na forumu s tim što su forum moderatori ljudi sa većim iskustvom i dužim stažom kako u moderator timu tako i na čitavoj zajednici. Njima se javite oko pravila foruma, otvaranja tema na forumu ili ukoliko ste našli prekršeno pravilo na forumu. Moderatori Asistenti global moderatora, sa ciljem da doprinosu poboljšanju kvaliteta sadržaja foruma u vidu novih vesti i kvizova iz različitih kategorija. Clarion Veterani Ovaj rank imaju ljudi koji su ga zaslužili svojim radom i trudom u nekom ranijem periodu. Pravila za dobijanje ovog ranka su sledeća: ◾️Minimum je nalog od 18 meseci i to samo za ljude koji su zaista previse ucinili. Za "funkcionere", minimum je nalog od 24 meseca, stim da moraju imati preko 6 meseci na bitnoj funkciji (HA/HHA/MOD), dok je za ostale minimum 30 meseci nalog i preko 18 meseci admina na bilo kom serveru ili nalog stariji od 36 meseci i minimum od 18 meseci neke nize pozicije (i dizajneri). ◾️Da nisu u svadji sa bilo kime iz menadzmenta ◾️Da nisu imali ozbiljnije posledice usled spamovanja ili bilo kakve zloupotrebe. VIP Ovaj rank dobijaju samo najzaslužniji članovi na zajednici - pojedinci čiji se doprinos meri ogromnim i kvalitetnim radom na visokim i odgovornim pozicijama, koji su često pored toga i izdvajali značajna finansijska sredstva za potrebe zajednice.
  6. Kao sto sam naziv teme kaze, upisite provale sa servera koje su po vasem misljenju najbolje. Zamolili bi vas da postujete pravila foruma. Svaki post koji bude u vidu najobicnijeg spama, bice obrisan. Hvala na razumevanju.
  7. Zahtev za unban mora da sadrži sledeće informacije: Nick: Unique ID: Razlog bana: Ko vas je banovao: [napomena]Zahtev bez gore navedenih informacija neće biti validan.[/napomena] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ English If you want to get unban from the server, it is necessary to leave the following information in this topic: Nick: Unique ID: The reason for ban: Who banned you: [napomena]If you do not write all of the above information, your request will not be valid.[/napomena] Kako pronaći svoj Unique ID / How to find your UniqueID:
  8. Sistem takmičenja Takmičenje će se voditi na mesečnom nivou, a ukupni poeni i pobednik će biti objavljeni na kraju sezone. Prijave za takmičenje neće biti, i samim tim svi registrovani članovi imaju pravo na učešće u istom. Sve lige će biti u igri, a moderator će izabrati najzanimljivije mečeve tog dana. Sportovi u kojim ćete se takmičiti su fudbal i košarka (NBA Liga). Pogođeni parovi će se označavati sa "✓", a promašeni parovi "X". Pravila takmičenja Dozvoljeni tipovi takmičenja su 1/X/2. Svaki napisani tip osim navedenih se neće računati. Prijave za takmičenje neće biti, tako da pravo na učešće ima svaki registrovani korisnik. Poželjno je da vaše tipove ispišete pre početka prvog meča. Tipovi ispisani nakon početka meča se neće priznavati i biće izbrisani. Ukoliko zakasnite za neki od prvih mečeva, možete da tipujete ostale koji još nisu počeli. Ukoliko primetite neku grešku u vašem tipovanju, obratite se nadležnom moderatoru da ispravi istu, ukoliko meč nije počeo. Ukoliko takmičar edituje svoj post u toku trajanja utakmice, bodovi mu se neće priznati. Obavezno je da kopirate mečeve iz prvog posta u vašem tekstu i da pored njih stavljate tipove. Ovo je važno iz razloga što prilikom markiranja moderator gleda samo konačan ishod, i samim tim može da dođe do neke greške ili zabune ukoliko niste ispisali meč. Bodovanje Svaki pogodjeni par donosi vam 1 bod. Ukoliko pogodite sve postavljene parove, vaši bodovi (za taj dan) se dupliraju. Ukoliko pogodite sve košarkaške parove, ovo pravilo ne važi. ENGLISH: Competition system The competition will take place on a monthly basis, and the total points and winners will be announced at the end of the season. There won't be any entries for the competition, and therefore all registered members have the right to participate in the same. All of the leagues will be in the game, and the moderator will choose the most interesting matches of that day. Sports in which you will compete are football and basketball (NBA League and Euroleague). The pairs that are correct will be marked as "✓", and missed pairs as "X". Rules of competition Allowed types of competitions are 1/X/2. Each type written except the listed won't count. There won't be any entries for the competiton, so the right to participate has every registered user. It is desirable for your types to be written before the start of the first match. Types that are written after the start of the match will not be recognized and they will be deleted. If you're late for some of the first matches, you can type others who have not started yet. If you make a mistake in your typing, contact the relevant moderator to correct the match if the match has not started. If a competitor edits his post during the match, the points will not be admitted. It is necessarily that you copy the matches from the first post in your text and put them in addition to the types. This is important because the moderator is only looking at the final outcome when he's marking, and there may be some mistakes or confusion if you didn't copy the match. Scoring Each correct pair brings you 1 point. If you hit all of the set pairs, your points (for that day) are doubled. If you hit all basketball couples, this rule won't apply.
  9. If you like our forum and want to be part of it you have to respect rules that are listed below. For the beginning, it would be nice if you write something about yourself in Introducing of Members. General rules The most important rule: Respect everyone on forum apart from their or your rank. It's forbidden to: Insult and degrading members. Argue with members. All disagreements solve outside the forum. Insult on national or religious basis. Post pornography or scary pictures. Put offensive avatars or signatures. Write with CAPS LOCK. Use multiple accounts. If you have more than one account, contact Administrator or Head Moderator so you can make agreement what account you will use, it's the best to use the earliest made one. Advertise unless owners want to exchange information. Put download links on forum, send them through private messages. Open new topics without asking moderator first. Post offtopic posts. Write on the script that is not latin. Put double posts except in topics where it's indicated that this rule doesn't stand. Username change All members of our community are allowed to change their username once in 4 months. You can change your username apart of your time on community or number of posts. For changing username contact one of our Administrators or Head Forum Moderators. Sanctions Advertising » Permanent ban Insulting on national or religious basis » Permanent ban 3 warns » 7 day ban Insulting admins and other ranked members in public parts » 7 day ban Spamming in chat or in PM of ranked member » 1 day ban Sincerely, CLARION
  10. Opšta pravila servera • Zabranjen je bilo kakav vid vređanja na serveru, posebno na nacionalnoj ili verskoj osnovi. • Zabranjen je svaki vid zvanja na mix u public sobama i član koji je zvao na isti će biti kažnjen. • Zabranjeno je reklamiranje drugih servera. Ukoliko primetite da neko reklamira server uzmite screenshot kao dokaz i obratite se Admin Server Query-u, Help Query-u ili Supportu. • Zabranjeno je korišćenje nepristojnih nickova, imena ili opisa soba i avatara. • Zabranjeno je smaranje za moderatora, istog mogu dobiti samo oni koji ga zasluže. • Ukoliko se ostali članovi sobe ne slažu, nemojte puštati muziku u sobi. • Ukoliko imate nekih pitanja vezanih za server, obratite se Admin Server Query-u, Help Query-u ili Supportu. • Ako vas neko od Help Query-a,Support-ova ili Moderatora uznemirava ili zloupotrebljava permisije javite se Admin Server Query-u ili ovde. Privremene i stalne sobe • Svaki gost na serveru može napraviti svoju sobu koja je privremena što znači da ukoliko soba bude prazna ona će se automatski obrisati. • Ukoliko želite stalnu sobu potrebno je da se javite nekom od Admin Server Query-a,Help Query-a ili Support-u kako bi vam soba bila podešena za stalno. • Samo Admin Server Query može obrisati vašu sobu ali to je isključivo ukoliko dobijete ban sa servera ili je vaša soba neaktivna. • Raspored soba se menja u zavisnosti od aktivnosti vaše sobe. • Ako želite da još neko u vašoj sobi ima rank Channel Admin obratite se Admin Server Query-u,Help Query-u ili Support-u. Opšta podešavanja servera • Poke je uključen • Complaint je isključen. • Poruke možete slati svima na serveru, nezavisno od ranka. Ikonice • Ikonice na serveru pokazuju koje igrice trenutno igrate. • Ukoliko želite da vam se doda ili skine neka od ikonica slobodno se javite nekom od Admin Server Query-a,Help Query-a,Support-ova ili Moderatora. • Naravno, moguće je imati i više od jedne ikonice. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Guests • It is forbidden to play music if you did not previously agree with other users in the room. • It is forbidden to talk about nationality. • Advertising is forbidden. • It is forbidden to insult anyone on the server. Temporary and permanent rooms • Every guest on server is able to make his own temporary room which means the room will be deleted automatically if it is empty. • If you want permanent room, you can ask for online Admin Server Query,Help Query,Support or Moderators so your room could be temporary. • Admin Server Query is the only person who can delete your room, in case you are banned from server or if your room is not active. • The position of the rooms is changing according to activity of your room. • If you want someone from your group to be Channel admin, contact Admin Server Query,Help Query or Support. General server settings • Poke is enable • Complaint is disabled. • You can message everyone, apart from their rank. Icons • The icons are showing the games that you are currently playing. • If you want to add or remove icon from your nick, contact moderators or head admin. • Of course, it is possible to have more than one icon.
  11. U ovoj temi ce se pisati bitna obavestenja i promene na serveru.
  12. Žalba na moderatore Ukoliko imate žalbu na rada nekog od moderatora, tu zalbu možete postaviti ovde.Uz žalbu potreban je adekvatan dokaz. Žalbu postavljate na sledeci način: Ime moderatora : Razlog : Dokaz (slika) : _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Complain to moderators If you have a complaint about the work of one of the moderators, you can post the complaint here. The complaint needs adequate proof. You file the complaint as follows: Name of moderator : Reson : Proof (photo) :
  13. Ukoliko imate predlog za TeamSpeak3 napšite predlog dole u komentar. Ukoliko imate neku kritiku na nekog ili na nešto na TeamSpeaku-u pišite nam dole Ukoliko imate zalbu na nekog Help Query-a,Support-a ili Moderatora postavite žalbu ispod po sledećem formularu : • Nick sa TeamSpeak-a: • Razlog: • Slika/Video(OBAVEZNO): --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have a suggestion for TeamSpeak3 write a suggestion below in the comment section If you have any criticism of someone or something on TeamSpeak please contact us below If you have a complaint about a Help Query, Support or Moderator post the complaint below using the following form : •Nick with TeamSpeak: •Reson: •Photo/Video (REQUIRED)
  14. Ukoliko želite da odradite signature ili nešto slično za nekoga na forumu, ovde možete to postaviti.
  15. ===== Matematicki kviz v2.2 ===== Kviz je editovao SkazzY Kao što i sam naziv teme kaže, radi se o matematičkom kvizu. Plugin koji ce učiniti server zabavnijim, a usput će nagraditi najbrže i najpametnije! Primer plugin pita koliko je 25 - 6 + 18 (nasumični brojevi i znakovi) ko prvi tačno odgovori na say dobija 1 poen tj. jednom rešen kviz. Imate šanse da 2 puta odgovorite na tačan odgovor tako što ispišete rešenje u chat-u. Kviz traje 25 sekundi, a ponavlja se na 90 sekundi. Ukoliko niko od igrača ne da tačan odgovor kviz odgovara sam posle 25 sekundi. Za dalje informacije o kvizu ukucajte na serveru: /kviz -Otvoriće vam se prozor sa nekoliko opcija: 1. Vidi rank - Prikazuje Rank, može i prečica say /kvizrank 2. Vidi top15 - Prikazuje Top15, može i prečica say /kviztop15 3. Informacije o kvizu - Informacije o pluginu, moze i prečica say /kvizinfo 4. Admin menu - Admin meni, moze i prečica say /kvizmenu. Samo HA ima pristup.
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