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Iskaži poštovanje i poštovanje će ti biti uzvraćeno - Show respect and respect will come back to you

ahmad zakdah

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  1. Ok ... But Change Zombies Skins And Put New Weapons Like Golden XM104 Or Add The White M4A1 Or Add Any New Weapon .. and Thanks You
  2. ***Nick : ahmad zakdah 1 ***Name,Surname and age : Ahmad Zakdah , 17 Years ***GameTracker Link : https://www.gametracker.com/player/ahmad zakdah 1/ ***STEAM ID : STEAM_0:0:186793387 ***How Many times can you boost server? : 0 because I'm From Palestine {Arabian Country} and Palestine is not in boost list , Dont Have Paypal ! ***are you met with AMX commands? : Yes , Im old Admin in this server and know everything and all amx commads ! Thank You
  3. Add Golden XM104 Or Back Putin Class to zombies .... This will be very good to server !!
  4. name : ahmad zakdah 1 Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:186793387
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