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Iskaži poštovanje i poštovanje će ti biti uzvraćeno - Show respect and respect will come back to you


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    Hello cellat, how are you? Cellat, I am asking you for permission to become an admin on the Clarion ZM Army server because I have noticed that many players have been breaking the rules and lately they are also disrespecting too much with insults. So I want to ask you for permission to the admin post.

  2. cellat 

    **Nick: mm

    ***Name, surname  mousa 2005 l – age :  20 years

    ***Gametracker.com link https://www.gametracker.com/player/mm/

    *** STEAM_1:0:1813886530

    ***How many times you can boost server? 1 to 3

    ***Are you met with AMX commands not

    I will not break the rules

  3. cellat I love you help get admin free :D


  4. STEAM_1: 0: 1813886530 

    1. aasssaa2016


      free admin vip ammo 1000 spendor G 

  5. 1. Place get TEST ADMIN + FULL VIP


    3. Place get FULL VIP + SPENDOR

    4. Place get FULL VIP

    5. Place get SPENDOR KLASA + 10000 AMMO + SLOT

    6. Place get SPENDOR KLASA + 5000 AMMO + SLOT

    7. Place get METATRONIC KLASA + 10000 AMMO + SLOT

    8. Place get METATRONIC KLASA + 5000 AMMO + SLOT

    9. Place get ADMIN SKIN + SLOT

    10. Place get 10000 AMMO + SLOT

    11. Place get 5000 AMMO + SLOT

    12. Place get 3000 AMMO + SLOT

    And 13,14,15 free slot. say/top15 mm 151413 yes 

  6. https://www.clarion-gaming.com/ yes ? 

    boost no admin vips mm ?

    admins -_-~[email protected]~T-Tlqlqcellat

  7. nick mm 



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. aasssaa2016


      ammo 1000 yes , no 

    3. aasssaa2016


      nick : mm


      admins vips ammo 1000 

    4. aasssaa2016


      "mm" 5456 STEAM_1:0:1813886530 yes !

  8. ***Nick: mm

    ***Name, surname and age . mm 2016 . 21

    ***Gametracker.com link = https://www.gametracker.rs/server_players/

    ***Steam ID = STEAM_2:1:1318337676

    ***How many times you can boost server? = 2-3 time

    ***Are you met with AMX commands= yes l meet but not all.

    1. aasssaa2016


      Nick mm 

      Steam ID = STEAM_2:1:1318337676 

    2. srkn_o_ztrk


      follow the rules on the server and when you listen to admins ,you can be admin 

  9. mm 

    admin vip 

    ammo 1000 

    zm admin 

  10. ~Nick: Atosanov

    ~Name, surname and age: El Papi Madara Clarion -  Monster 16

    ~Gametracker.com link: https://www.gametracker.com/chri_stian-/

    ~Steam ID: STEAM_2:1:1864967611

    ~Are you met with AMX commands: Yes

  11. Cellat help me i can't send private message they are asking "Your inbox is full you must delete some messages before you can send any more " now i just have 2 messages in inbox because i delete all messages and still they are asking that "your inbox is full..............

    What i do now?

    1. srkn_o_ztrk


      i sent pm to administrators, they will try to help you solve this problem ;)

  12. cellat plz accccept me bro plz plz

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