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Iskaži poštovanje i poštovanje će ti biti uzvraćeno - Show respect and respect will come back to you

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  1. well, this is the last time we see me, maybe, ik lost admin for inactivity, yes, i ¿never? back, i dont know, maybe back, maybe back. but i never back to admin work, not because i hate, i love it, i cant say why exactly, i just wait of all ADMINS make a excelent job during this time and the future too, can see me on forum, just i will see the progress of admins. people like kashiff, gelson, T-T and others make his job great 10/10. too the heads. I just wait that keep same, and never change. this is my last post, maybe can post something more. Kind regard to all, have great day/week/month/year. GG~ BB all i love all you guys. best of luck to all admins we will see again... or no... sorry for my english
  2. pSycHo ツ

    Da / Ne

    Da. you are good bhoping?
  3. pSycHo ツ

    Da / Ne

    ne. in your country someone have coronavirus?
  4. pSycHo ツ

    Da / Ne

    ne. do you translate sometimes any language
  5. pSycHo ツ

    Da / Ne

    Da. do you like anime?
  6. pSycHo ツ

    Da / Ne

    ne.................. do you like NBA?
  7. pSycHo ツ

    Da / Ne

    ne... you have the name of a famous person?
  8. pSycHo ツ

    Da / Ne

    DAAA! :p you work?
  9. pSycHo ツ

    Da / Ne

    ne. do you like pools?
  10. pSycHo ツ

    Da / Ne

    da. do you like icy days?
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