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Iskaži poštovanje i poštovanje će ti biti uzvraćeno - Show respect and respect will come back to you


ZM Army Help Head Admin
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  1. he is banned if you see any player using hacker programs, you can record demo, copy nick and steamID and post it here, if you don't see administrators on the server..
  2. GelsonDias


  3. GelsonDias

    Da / Ne

    ne do you think the forum will return with the bounty games (and bring back the team of moderators) ?
  4. GelsonDias

    Da / Ne

    ne do you have the potential to lead a clarion server and maintain your ranking?
  5. Congratulations pSycHo ツ
  6. GelsonDias

    Da / Ne

    da have you ever fought at school ?
  7. GelsonDias

    Da / Ne

    ne have you ever played Syphon Filter ?
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