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Iskaži poštovanje i poštovanje će ti biti uzvraćeno - Show respect and respect will come back to you


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  1. Nothing changed from my last application. All i said then is still valid.
  2. 1. Name and age: AvP, 36 2. Nick and Gametracker link with your time spent on server. AvP , https://www.gametracker.rs/player/ 3. Your STEAM_ID: STEAM_0:1:14815316 4. AMX commands knowledge [1-5] (5 presents big knowledge): 4 - forgot some from 10 years ago ( ex. admin, ex server owner ) 5. On which servers you were admin and are you still admin on any server ?: long time ago.. Ciobani Zm server owner / admin 6. Why do you want admin on our server ? like server, reminds me of my old serve 7. How mutch time can you boost server ? 1 or 2 times a month 8. Did you read the requirements from above and do you agree with them ? read and agreed Consideration in progress CLARION BioHazard™
  3. Hi, I have a question: what is the difference between VIP and SUPER VIP ? If a remember corectly 1 boost = VIP and 2 boosts = SUPER VIP And what is VIP Admin ?
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