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Iskaži poštovanje i poštovanje će ti biti uzvraćeno - Show respect and respect will come back to you

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  1. Thank you for the report much appreciated we will handle it from here
  2. Unlimited ammo + VIP + Zm Class i think or admins also and if we are admin we need to boost 1 time monthly? well .. you don't have to but if you can it will be good
  3. well .. i will pass this but still https://imgur.com/VyN6ny7
  4. Ime i prezime:Eyal Adana Koje ste godiste: 1995 Odakle ste: Israel Cime se bavite: i love Poker Vasi hobiji i interesovanja: create music "Rap Your own way" MSN, Facebook, Skype , Steam:\\\ Koliko dugo igrate CS:2012
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