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Iskaži poštovanje i poštovanje će ti biti uzvraćeno - Show respect and respect will come back to you

[Xcs resurce]

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  1. Brick Piece & AK47 Gold & Rockguitar
  2. ~Nick:[Xcs resurce] ~Name, surname and age:Nik Abdul Azzim (13) ~Gametracker.com link:https://www.gametracker.com/player/[Xcs%20resurce]/ ~Steam ID:( 7293 STEAM_2:0:250676862 49 22:37 274 10 ) ~Are you met with AMX commands:Yes sorry
  3. thanatos 7 would be op if added again (i know i just join on this year but i am old player https://www.gametracker.com/player/[Xcs%20resurce]/
  4. agree with u bro cellat and oriel my favorite coz cellat always help me and oriel teach me commands and he teach me to use forum thnx guyz I AM AGREE WITH YOU TOO
  5. ~Nick:[Xcs resurce] ~Name, surname and age:Nik Abdul Azzim (12 ) ~Gametracker.com link:https://www.gametracker.com/player/%5BXcs%20resurce%5D/ ~Steam ID:( 38418 STEAM_0:0:807503503 0 01:38 508 10 ) ~Are you met with AMX commands:Nope, only a bit.
  6. ~Nick:[Xcs resurce] ~Name,surname, and age:Nik abdul Azzim (12)Xd ~SteamID:353 STEAM_0:0:807503503 ~GameTracker link:https://www.gametracker.com/player/%5BXcs%20resurce%5D/ ~How many time u can boost on server: maybe cant ~Are you met with AMX Commands :Nope i only know this 'amx_banid' D
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