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Iskaži poštovanje i poštovanje će ti biti uzvraćeno - Show respect and respect will come back to you


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  1. Illusion >>> @unusual
  2. ER1JON >>> @Th3_Gho5t
  3. Foxa

    Photos, Videos & GIF's

    Why are you not banned, wtf..
  4. Sorry about that, the data from the server was lost a couple of months ago. Give me your EXACT steamid since i cant do anything with only these numbers seeing as the server is non steam and some players have a steamid starting with _1 and some with _0..
  5. Changed username from "'HoRRoR' - B0y" to "B0y"
  6. Wrong section but ok.. 8ball1 is confirmed a cheater and it was not Vato who initially banned him. When banning someone admin is the one who has to record a demo of a suspected cheater (thats why there is no demo recording on deathrun), therefore a cheater cant have an excuse "I dont have a demo bla bla". Why would Malamadre unban only guys who post in serbian section??? When someone posts an unban request admin who banned them is asked to give the demo for inspection. If the admin doesnt have the demo the player is automatically unbanned, if the demo shows that the player isnt cheating the player is unbannned, if the demo show that the player is cheating theyre staying banned. Its pretty simple honestly and both Vato and Madre are not abusing their position since everything theyre doing is "by the book". If youre not cheating theres no reason for you to "be afraid to play" (lmao) there are a lot of really good players on the server that never got banned and just because youre good doesnt mean youre going to be banned. Just play and enjoy the server, and if you somehow get banned post an unban request, as I said for every unban request demo is checked.
  7. Madre: "Jel znas ti Tiki da promenis sijalicu, zamenis steker, itd.." Tiki: "Znam druze ali sta ce mi, ono treba mi jednom u zivotu, i imao sam u srednjoj elektrotehniku" Madre: "Pa i moj cale je masin bravar pa sve to zna" Tiki: "I sta ima od toga sto je masin bravar" Madre: "Kako sta!?!?!? Pa Tito bio masin bravar" Madre: "Tiki doci cu kod tebe i napraviti od tebe coveka, sad si influencer"
  8. Ooooo de si Jajce. Znas za grad Jajce? E na ulazu u taj grad u bivsoj jugi nikad nije pisalo "Titovo Jajce" dok je pisalo "Titovo Sarajevo"
  9. Ne seri Reljo da si ovo napisao u SPAM HAAHAHAHAHAHA
  10. One of the stupidest if not THE stupidest film I have ever seen. Like 90% of all horror movies stuff just happens (?), everything is so convenient. "Oh we need this to happen", it had no setup in the story so far but what the heck lets just do it. If you want to watch a decent horror film watch "Hereditary", "Get Out" or even a classic like "The Shining" or something else from Stephen King (if he/his book is the reason you want to watch this film)
  11. Foxa

    Filmski citati

    "Hello there!" -general Obi-Wan Kenobi "General Kenobi." -general Grievous
  12. Omiljeni mod: Radisa, pardon Ljubisa Favorite mode: Dark mode, kao i svakome ko je normalan a ne da ono kad upalim chrome u 2 ujutro da mi sprzi sve zilice u oku i onda ne vidim sutra nista citav dan.
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