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[BHZ] Predlozi i kritike

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Biohazard Help Head Admin

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Post Re: [BHZ] Predlozi i kritike   21 May 2019, 22:11
you gambled your reputation on this server already my friend, i, before anyone else, wont let anyone give any old players any special treatment on the server just because they played for a long time, so dont even mention that anymore please, second, verbal abuse on the server is resovled in 99% cases by our admins, the problem is in your situation, none of our admins speak that language and therefore can not help you, you have an ingame option to mute players and you can simply ignore the chat messages while youre playing, since youre always busy ranking it shouldnt be a problem for you
as for the cheating accusations, all i can tell you is that we administrate the server and our job is to remove any cheaters, our right is to suspect any players that could be potentially cheating, if you felt disrespected by that im sorry but youll have to deal with it my friend, once again, you know very well what youve done in the past and because of that you should be happy that i even took time to write this response, ill ask you politely not to use this topic anymore for any further questions, you can ask me via forum messages

ps. dont even think about turning to someone else on the server because i guarantee you, it will not matter, youre stuck with what i have to say and thats it.

#Reljini admini 4ever!

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Post Re: [BHZ] Predlozi i kritike   24 Aug 2019, 13:28
Neki je bag trenutno kada postanes prvi zombi, zombi ima brzinu kao human.

Biohazard Admin

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Post Re: [BHZ] Predlozi i kritike   19 Sep 2019, 16:10
Dajem predlog koji nije mozda nesto ali je lepo da se vidi na serveru da kada pucas zombia umesto da izlazi crvena krv da bude neke druge boje plava il zelena posto vec ima snajper u boje i to islo bi bas bilo koja boja to je po meni vrh i nema to niko primetio sam i moze uz bhz :salute


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Post Re: [BHZ] Predlozi i kritike   19 Sep 2019, 19:48
Hvala na predlogu, razmislićemo.


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Post Re: [BHZ] Predlozi i kritike   10 Oct 2019, 18:06
Ponekad mi se desi da mi double jump ne radi, ne stalno ali povremeno, nekad i više puta za redom i to me zezne kad hoću negdje da se popnem. Je li to nešto do mene ili je tako namješteno na serveru?

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